The extended services of our company can supply variety of electric poles and external lighting systems, supply of all types and sizes of cables including high voltage power cables. We also import all connection cables (intermediate and final) made of copper material from different main suppliers and in large quantities the supplied wiring.marketplace. We provide clients with experience, quality, dedication, and professionalism and as a result have become a leader in providing electrical services to the all Basra Oil & Gas Fields. Our employees specialize in the following areas: Gas Turbines, Turbo-Machinery / Rotating Equipment application (Power Generation), Instrumentation and controls, All the maneuvers of operation and ignition of switch gear LV-MV equipment switch board, Power Transformers, Protection relays, Cable routes in buildings and Lighting, Diesel engine operation, Maintenance and troubleshooting, Automation controls / Allen Bradley, Building Automation systems and Closed-circuit CCTV. systems.

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A Respectable contractor performing beyond expectation always..


The corporate obligation is to continue to be loyal to our clients, deliver projects on time and within established budgets with a true commitment to customer satisfaction.


Our most appreciated values is Transparency with all our clients, customers, partners, and stuff. That helps us to ensure our continued success and reaching our vision and to success in our mission. Development